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About the Farm

Located about 25 miles outside Seattle, Washington, the farm has 34 acres in farm and forest conservation land. 

The Mirro Family sitting in a pasture in front of the barn

Who We Are

The Mirro family moved from the city to farm and steward the land in 2012.

Jay works for the King Conservation District as a Farm Planner. He practices his profession here at Soggy Bottom.

Ellen is an architect, who co-owns the firm Studio TJP. (

What We Do

At Soggy Bottom our mission stems from the ethical treatment of animals and the environmental stewardship of the land.

We wanted to eat ethically, so we raise our own animals for meat in a way we consider humane. We sell them as well, because they are herd animals and need companions.  Our animals have good lives and the land on which they live is managed sustainably.

Two cows in a field, one is licking its flank
Jay Mirro planting a tree

What We Grow

We steward the forest and grow produce for ourselves. We delight in all the land produces.

a composite image of flowers, fruits, and vegetables grown on the farm
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