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Spring at Soggy Bottom Farm is generally a place full of life and vitality.  The lambs bouncing with joy in the fresh grass of the spring pasture.  The chickens running and clucking as they explore the world, looking for season’s first insects.  The sweet grunt and oink of the pigs as they watch who is coming to visit and, more importantly, what treats they might bring.  The flowers of the trees, shrubs, and bulbs bringing their joy and show to let us say goodbye to winter. 

Unfortunately, today we also had some sadness.  We said goodbye the longest non-human animal resident on the farm, Chocolate Bean or Mr. Bean – a Katahdin Sheep.  We choose Katahdin sheep because of their low-maintenance and high-quality meat as well as that they are hair sheep.  No shearing!  Mr. Bean, and several ewes and goats, moved onto the farm in November of 2012, just a few months after us humans moved in.  It did not take long for us to realize that he was special.  Mr. Bean was a kind ram.  While most humans had been run over and rammed by his rival ram, Parmesan, Mr. Bean only wanted pets and treats.  It did not take us long to realize that Parmesan had to go, and Mr. Bean would stay. 

Mr. Bean leaves a large legacy behind him.  In the 12 years he was with us, he sired at least 60 offspring.  Never once did he fail to do his duty.  While most of his children are grown and have left the nest, his youngest are just 4 months old.  They barely had a chance to know their father.

We will miss you, Mr. Bean. Thank you for your service and years of work on Soggy Bottom Farm. I hope your pastures are forever green, wherever you are. 


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