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Meet the farmer

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Jay Mirro makes farm conservation his profession and avocation. Jay grew up in rural New Jersey, which is similar in many ways to eastern King County. He spent time working on horse farms cleaning manure. After a trip to Idaho he realized that an agricultural career was in his future. Jay matriculated from the University of Idaho with a BS in Livestock and Range Management with a minor in Natural Resources Science. Jay's plans to be a cowboy in Wyoming were thwarted by Ellen, who asked Jay to move to Seattle with her while she attended architecture school at the University of Washington.

Jay had a five year plan to stay in the city. It ended up being 14 years before Jay and Ellen bought the farm. Only two years after moving to Seattle Jay took a position as a Resource Planner at the King Conservation District.

The District's mission is to promote the sustainable use of natural resources through responsible stewardship. There could not have been a better job fit for Jay. It combines his passions for helping the land and helping people. Jay has been able to continue as full time resource planner at the Conservation District and run Soggy Bottom Farm.


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